Teammates presented Hoggatt’s No

Byline: Steven J.Eric Hoggatt would be remembered for his upbeat personality and ready smile, as well as for his athletic prowess, said family, teachers and coaches who delivered eulogies during the hourlong observance.Football coach Joel Schaeffer described Hoggatt, who also played basketball and ran track, as an enthusiastic, energetic young man” who was truly an inspiration and great example for all of his teammates on the field.”I know when the going gets tough out here this season, he will look down with that wonderful smile of his and say, Come on, fellas, you can do it,’ ” Schaeffer said cheap nfl jerseys, adding that the team would dedicate the rest of the season to Hoggatt.We loved his laughter, his creative intelligence and his great kindness to others,” said Janet Oakes Brin, a teacher from the Humanitas Academy magnet program which Hoggatt attended.Teammates presented Hoggatt’s No. 7 football jersey and his No. 12 basketball jersey to family members who attended the ceremony, including his parents, twin brother, Michael, and four sisters Tamika, 23, Tasha, 21, Nicole, 19, and Julia, 14.Basketball player Amir Pourlak saluted his fallen teammate’s energy and his ability to make people laugh.”We were friends, fellow students and especially family,” Pourlak said.Both teams planned to dedicate the remainder of their season to Hoggatt, who relatives said had had a dream of attending USC next year, possibly on an athletic scholarship.The observance ended with members of the football squad releasing 97 balloons bearing the school colors of white and blue into the azure sky.The 2,000 member student body then was dismissed for the day and filed quietly out of the bleachers, some holding each other, others sobbing.You will never see a group of students leave so quietly on a Friday again,” said faculty president and sociology teacher Edward Kaz.Hoggatt, an 18 year old senior, died in his sleep a few hours after playing extensively in Reseda High’s 41 0 varsity football loss to Chatsworth on Sept.

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